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The Dark Woods 

The Dark Woods Haunted forest presents The I-10 Slasher! 

Evil witches have resurrected the notorious Farmer Brown that terrorized travelers who dared to stop at the Wilcox exit off of 1-10 in Alabama years ago. Anyone who dare to enter his haunted forest will never leave the same.

If you’re brave enough, come jump on his hayride where you'll be dropped off in the Dark Woods. And the only way back is through the haunted forest where Farmer Brown and his twisted freaks will be waiting!

Find Your Way Out!

A spine-chilling gust of wind, an eerie lake, tall and gnarled trees, and horrifying creatures hiding in the dark—everything that you’ve ever seen in movies or played in video games is now in front of you. Can you survive this time?

Experience real-life horror in The Dark Woods in Robertsdale, Alabama! Book your adventure with us today, and turn your trail tour to a hair-raising yet unforgettable trip to our haunted forest. 

We’re waiting for you.

They’re waiting for you…

Disclaimer: The Dark Woods is designed for adults’ entertainment. People with health conditions do not need to partake in our activities.


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Looking for a fun and memorable volunteer opportunity of a lifetime? The Dark Woods offers a volunteer experience like none other. Whether you’re volunteering individually or with a group, we need someone like you!


Everyone must sign a waiver.

Our attraction is intended for adults. In this effect, children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult or they will not be admitted. Also, if you are currently pregnant, have a history of epileptic seizures, a heart condition or other serious medical condition, please do not sign up.